Act Now to Prevent Surface Transportation Project Delays and Protect Jobs

Spending on federal highway and transit programs stops on September 30 unless Congress and President Trump take action. Tell them to act now to avoid the potential loss of hundreds of thousands of construction jobs and the delay or cancellation of transportation construction projects!

With dwindling legislative days and a number of interests competing for Congress’ attention, the transportation construction industry must be unified, consistent, and vocal in order to stand out.  Please take action and send the alert to any coworkers or colleagues who may be interested in sending a letter to Congress.

The current federal highway and transit law – the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act – expires on September 30. If the law expires, tens of billions of dollars in federal funds stop flowing to state and local highway, bridge, and transit projects. On top of this uncertainty, our industry is already facing the possibility of transportation construction investment cuts because of pandemic-related reductions in state and local revenues that fund these projects.

To prevent the shutdown of federal highway and transit programs, mitigate cuts to transportation construction investments, and spur the nation’s economic recovery, Congress and the Trump Administration must pass and enact legislation that includes:

  1. A growth-oriented and turn-key extension of the FAST Act for one year;
  2. Emergency federal funding to state departments of transportation and public transit agencies; and
  3. Provisions to ensure the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund.

Legislation that addresses these three priorities will forestall construction jobs losses by preventing delays and cancellations of projects. In addition, improving the nation’s highways, bridges, and transit systems will generate long-term economic benefits that will be felt well after the pandemic ends.

Congress and President Trump must take immediate action to provide a needed boost of economic confidence to the industry.