Fix the Highway Trust Fund

The trust fund is insolvent and immediate action is needed.

The Highway Trust Fund is running out of money

The Highway Trust Fund faces an annual $18 B shortfall following the expiration of the FAST Act in FY 2021. Federal gas and diesel fees last increased in 1993. Without new revenue, federal funds would mostly pay for on-going projects for four years with few new projects being funded.

Pass Infrastructure Legislation

Congressional action is needed to avoid construction disruptions.

The FAST Act Expires on September 30, 2020

Federal-aid highway and transit construction funding could be disrupted or slowed if Congress fails to take action. A lapse in authorization stops states from starting highway improvement projects. As such, safety, mobility, and economic development will be negatively impacted.

States Depend on Federal Support

Federal highway funds account for 50% or more for major state transportation projects.

The highway program is a federally funded state administered program.

Federal funding is used to improve major roads in all 50 states. Freight movement in state and between states relies on a well-functioning national highway system of roads. Industries within states need good roads to get their goods to market.

Take Action Today!

Most elected officials have diverse backgrounds and experiences qualifying them for their offices, but very few have professional construction experience. To serve effectively, these elected officials need information. They need input from industry professionals.

How can you help?

  • Email your legislators by visiting the Take Action menu option.

  • Meet with your members of Congress when they’re in the district.

  • Attend a town hall meeting to voice your support for infrastructure legislation.

  • Encourage your colleagues, family, and friends to join the effort.