Our Workers Need a Highway Bill

Tens of thousands of construction workers rely on federal transportation funding to keep working. It is Congress’s job to make sure that federal funding is available for highway & transit construction projects. However, Congress has failed to pass a long-term highway & transit bill, putting construction companies & their employees jobs at risk.

In July, the Senate passed a long-term highway & transit bill, known as the DRIVE Act, by a vote of 65-34 (see how your senators voted). Last week, the House passed their own version of a long-term highway & transit bill, known as the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act (STRRA) by a vote of 363-64 (see how your representative voted).  The House and Senate have established a conference committee (check to see if your Representative or Senators are conferees), which is tasked with resolving the differences between the two bills and agree on a final, long-term bill to be passed out of Congress and signed by the president before the current extension expires on Nov. 20.

The conference committee on the long-term transportation bill has not yet determined what the level of investment will be for federal highway and transit programs.

e-hardhat button 2┬áPlease contact your members of Congress today and tell them to support increased funding for our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

Encourage your employees to also send e-Hardhat messages to their Representative.

Meet with your House Representative and present a company hardhat, with the “Hardhats for Highways” decal indicating the number of people employed by your company, to highlight the number of employees in your company whose jobs are directly affected by federal highway & transit funding.