Act Now! August Recess Highway Trust Fund Push – Meet with Members of Congress

The Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) is asking you to schedule in-person meetings with your members of  Congress over the next month and remind them that although the current surface transportation authorization – the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act – provided five years of stability for the Highway Trust Fund, the long-term outlook for the trust fund is bleak.  Without a real sustainable solution before the FAST Act expires in 2020, Congress will once again be forced to provide a temporary patch for the Highway Trust Fund or our federal transportation program will face devastating cuts.

This point needs to be made directly with Members of Congress over the next month, specifically Members of the House, where the Ways & Means Committee failed to address the Highway Trust Fund in their tax reform blueprint.  The message that Representatives need to hear from the construction industry is:

  • I agree with 130 bipartisan House members support fixing the Highway Trust Fund in any tax reform plan.
  • If Congress fails to act, the Highway Trust Fund will face significant shortfalls when the FAST Act expires.
  • If Congress fails to act states will soon be forced to delay planned transportation projects.
  • Urge your colleagues on the Ways and Means Committee to include a permanent Highway Trust Fund fix in any tax reform plan.

In addition to delivering these messages, we encourage you to submit written comments directly to the House Ways & Means Committee to amplify these points, provide details on the current transportation challenges your state faces and the importance of a Highway Trust Fund fix to your state’s economy.  State specific information can be found here. The Committee is requesting comments at

send e-hardhat button CongressIf you cannot schedule an in-person meeting with your federal legislators over the next month, take a moment to send them an email and ask them to find a solution to fix the Highway Trust Fund.

Encourage your employees to also send e-Hardhat messages to their Representative.

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