Congress Passes a Five-Year Highway & Transit Bill

After years of Congress passing short-term extensions of highway & transit programs, on Dec. 3 they passed a five-year highway & transit bill known as the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. On Dec. 4, the president signed this bill into law.  The FAST Act provides roughly $300 billion for federal highway & transit programs through fiscal year 2020.

Thank you to everyone who met with their members of Congress or wrote letter, urging passage of a long-term highway & transit bill.  Hardhats for Highways has generated more than 25,000 letters to Congress over the past 21 months.

send e-hardhat button CongressPlease take a moment to thank your members of Congress for supporting the FAST Act.

Encourage your employees to also send e-Hardhat messages to their Representative.

However, our work is not yet done.  Although Congress was able to come up with enough funding to pass a five-year bill, they were not successful in finding a sustainable funding solution to provide continued investment in our nation’s transportation infrastructure after 2020.

Please check back as we update the Hardhats for Highways website with information on providing a sustainable funding source for federal transportation programs.

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