Federal Highway & Transit Programs Need Funding

Congress failed to pass legislation to fund the U.S. Department of Transportation for fiscal year 2017. Instead, in December Congress passed a short-term continuing resolution to fund the entire government at fiscal year 2016 levels through April 28, 2017. This included funding for highway and transit programs.

This continuing resolution impacts highway and transit funding in two ways: funding highway and transit programs at the fiscal year 2016 level is two percent lower that what was approved in the FAST Act, meaning that states will have to cut back on the number of projects they put out for spring bid lettings as Congress hasn’t approved the increased fiscal year 2017 funding levels.

Contact your members of Congress by sending them an e-Hardhat and urge them to complete action on fiscal year 2017 funding thatĀ funds highway and transit programs at FAST Act levels.

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