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  • Risky Crossings: The Laborers International Union of North America site provides information about aging bridges across America.
  • State fact sheets and reports from national transportation research group TRIP.
  • American Road and Transportation Builders Association’s state-by-state breakdown of the federal share for highway and transit funding
Thomas Brown, President of Sierra Pacific West, meets with  Rep. Darrel Issa

Thomas Brown, President of Sierra Pacific West, Meets with Rep. Darrel Issa

Contractors are frustrated and it is 100 percent justifiable. Contractors must use the momentum from Senate passage of a long-term highway & transit bill to put pressure on the House to pass a similar six-year bill. Personal meetings with key members of Congress at your company headquarters, a job site, a congressional district office or at the chapter office are one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate the real-world impact of the decisions that are (or are not) being made in Washington, D.C.

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If you’d like assistance with setting up meetings with your elected officials, please contact Brynn Huneke at

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